You and Worship

You and Worship

One day the famous orator Henry Ward Beecher had to be absent from the Plymouth church where he usually preached.  His brother was invited to speak for him.  The auditorium was crowded, but when it became evident that the eloquent Henry Ward Beecher was not going to appear, many started to leave the building.  The brother of Beecher was not disturbed.  He stood up before the murmuring crowd, called for silence and said, “All who came this morning to worship Henry W. Beecher may leave now.  The rest will remain to worship God.”  No one left after that.

It seems to be a constant oversight on the part of some visitors to the worship just what we are there for.  Some, like the Athenians, come only to hear the preacher say, “some new thing” (Acts 17:21).  “Is it relevant?  Is it positive?”  These are the mental guidelines used in judging sermons.  The same is true with someone who attended to judge the singing, the prayers, or the friendliness of the congregation.  These go away with a host of criticism, but the thing forgotten here has been worship.

What are we in worship for? Granted, some are there to “get it over with for a week” or “to get their ticket validated once more.”  But those who are there because they need the strength in carrying their crosses know the value in truly worshiping God. Worship has nothing to do with the song leader or the talent of the preacher.  It has everything to do with you and your God.  Let people do what they will to please themselves.  “The rest will remain to worship God.”

David Lusk, via the Beacon, Pensacola, FL


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