SALVATION — Build Your Hopes on Things Eternal

SALVATION — Build Your Hopes on Things Eternal

In the latter part of the fourth century B.C., Alexander the Great led the Greeks on a world conquest.  He was very successful, extending the influence, culture, and language of Greece widely.  But now, centuries later, only remnant pieces remain to tell us of the grandeur that once was.

And preceding the Greeks were a number of others, such as Egypt under the Pharaohs.  What enormous wealth was theirs!  And the splendor of their kingdom was of great renown.  But now, only museums filled with relics and the ingeniously built pyramids tell the story.

Perhaps the most famous empire of all time was that of the Romans.  Truly it was a great one, lasting for some five hundred years!  More than likely, the people who lived in the first century B.C., and in the first, second, and third centuries A.D. thought it would never end.  But it did!  Its glory faded.  And all of its beautiful buildings, great theaters, stadiums, and statues and monuments began to succumb to the devastating ravishes of time.  And today, we see only what is left . . . crumbled ruins!

I often reflect on the words of a well-known hymn (written by a faithful Christian, F.L. Eiland, who died in 1909) – “Time is filled with swift transition, naught of earth unmoved can stand . . . build your hopes on things eternal, hold to God’s unchanging hand!”  How true, how true!

So many things upon which people place such importance in reality matter little.  Over the “long-haul,” what difference does it make how fine a house we lived in, how much money we had in the bank, or what treasures we accumulated, ad infinitum?  The only thing that matters, in the final analysis, is whether or not we have prepared for eternity by loving God and doing His will!

Brother Eiland penned words of wisdom when he wrote that beautiful song, “Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand.”  His message in music was “right on target!”  Thus, to all who may chance to read this brief article, may I remind that time is rapidly passing by, and we each are drawing nearer to eternity with every fleeting moment.  “Now is the acceptable time, now is the day of salvation” (2 Corinthians 6:2).

Maxie B. Boren


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