A few days ago, I passed an old farm that had suffered the ravages of neglect. The pastures were covered with weeds and briers as tall as my head. The tin on the old barn was missing and the wood was rotten. The old house was falling apart with weeds and bushes growing up around it. This farm once housed a happy family and was productive with crops and livestock.

This scene reminded me how it is with so many lives. It is a fact that we neglect what our lives really need – constant guidance from the word of God. We neglect daily Bible study, the Bible classes of the church, and even the worship services of the church. Our lives begin to tumble in and grow up with all kinds of bad things (divorce, drugs, fornication, gambling, crime, etc.) We ask why? The simple answer is neglect.

The sobering question is asked in Hebrews 2:3, “How shall we es[1]cape, if we neglect so great salvation . . .” Neglect will destroy your soul just like this beautiful old farm. However, there is a big difference between a farm growing up with weeds and your soul spending eternity in hell.

Ken Tyler

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