Barely Time for Me

Barely Time for Me

I haven’t time to teach right now, I’m busy, can’t you see! You’ll have to look for someone else – I’ve barely time for me.

I’d like to help and fix that pie, The family is bereaved; But you’ll have to talk to someone else – I’ve barely time for me.

Our meeting was a real disgrace, No one came, you see; I would have come myself, but then I’ve barely time for me.

There’s so much good I need to do; Like Christ I’d like to be But life is just so hectic, and There’s barely time for me.

Were Christ to come today, I fear To think what He might see – A hurried, harried gadabout With “barely time for me.”

Lord, help me rearrange my life and put my eyes on Thee, and then I’ll find the time I need to serve You faithfully.


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